Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Valentines Schokolat!

Valentines day is this coming weekend so why not give a slightly different gift this year. Say it with 'Schokolat' !!! Chocolate with a twist !!!

This chocolate key could be the key to someone's heart this Valentines Day!

Make him smile with their chocolate tools!!!

Or if she likes gardening AND chocolate how about these yummy beauties!!!

An amazing range of chocolate tools and utensils from innovative chocolate company Schokolat. The authentic chocolate tools and kitchen items look exactly like their metal and wooden counterparts and include the nicks, chips, scratches and aged look that are seen on worn tools and utensils. 

Made from the finest quality chocolate (59% cocoa solids), the products are hand crafted, helping to give them their authentic rustic and aged look. The reaction when these fun chocolate gifts are given is priceless!

While stocks last, ask in store for details & prices.

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